Hovercraft 2.0

cool_gay - Custom level - from Android
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The newest in hovercraft technology!

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  • gemaine: @electro: oh your right it just stablelizes slowly
  • JupiterSky: @cool_gay: don't. There will always be someone better... if there wasn't we wouldn't have computers.
  • electro: @gemaine: nope, I waited for about half hour, mine is stable
  • gemaine: @electro: my perfect hover technology doesnt and this technology is used in the sequel of my huge level which is being worked on smarter hacking smart hovering and better player interaction
  • gemaine: @electro: but your thing always seems to slowly fall down
  • cool_gay: I feel sad now... everyone has apparently made better hovercraft... ;-;
  • electro: @gemaine: http://principiagame.com/level/8751
    Too old
  • electro: @gemaine: I did it first
  • aperture: @gemaine: @cool_gay: well its a good one, no doubt
  • gemaine: @aperture: read the message below the last one
  • gemaine: @aperture: so i could create a perfect hovercraft
  • gemaine: Lol but i have achived perfect any height hovering
  • cool_gay: I said it was New, not better... #fakemarketing
  • aperture: Not really newest, everybody has tried a hand at hovercrafts.

LEVEL ID: 26500