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BloodStorm - Custom level - from Android
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Make a chassis for a Armored Patrol Vehicle.
There are 2 divisions, large scale and small.
Please no circuitry, just Rcs, Cts, and other basic systems, the winners will have a rerig on circuitry for the level so adding it is a waste.

No frequencies,
No lua,
No thrusters or rockets (including emitters),
No flying or hovering,
Weaponry is optional

Score is based on lag, speed, weight, size and others.

Due date is August 10th.

Have fun!

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  • BloodStorm: @12218789 @NanoDude05 contest is over.
  • BloodStorm: @12218789 @NanoDude05 i give up....
  • BloodStorm: @12218789 either
  • NanoDude05: @BloodStorm: ok
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: What would you need tracked or wheeled.
  • BloodStorm: @NanoDude05 @12218789
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: Got a covenant Cruiser to fix and my spirit of fire to finish.
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: I'll work on this later.
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: Well I had to fix the suspension.
  • BloodStorm: @12218789
  • BloodStorm: Its only the tracks, you dont have to restart
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: Oh well now I have to restart.
  • BloodStorm: @12218789
  • BloodStorm: Well tracks almost always are on 2 layers at once, but please make the tracks on layer 1 and 2, (and if you want, 3)
  • 12218789: I mean first layer.
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: Does the tracks/Wheels have to be on the second layer?
  • BloodStorm: @12218789
  • BloodStorm: Just nothing advanced
  • BloodStorm: I said basic systems (like cts and wires) were allowed
  • 12218789: *Also
  • 12218789: Alao it may be a while before I finish mine I have 3 things im working on.
  • 12218789: We need wires for the DC motors and that.
  • BloodStorm: @12218789
  • BloodStorm: @NanoDude05

LEVEL ID: 26580