UNSC Spirit Of Fire (WIP)

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UNSC Spirit of Fire(hull classification symbol CFV-88) is aPhoenix-class support vessel in service with the UNSC Navy. Built in 2473,Spirit of Fire is a heavily modifiedcolony ship.[13] In2531 her commanding officer was CaptainJames Cutter and her primary shipboard AIwas Serina. After the crew sacrificed herslipspace drive to destroy theForerunner shield world known as theEtran Harborage, theSpirit of Fire was forced into a slow return trip back tohuman space at sub-luminal velocities and was officially declared "lost with all hands" in2534.[15] After 28 years of drifting through space, theSpirit of Fire was mysteriously transported throughslipspace toInstallation 00 or the Ark, where the crew was forced into aconflict with the occupying Banished. While Serina perished during the journey as per her limited lifespan as a smart AI, the Spirit of Firegained a new shipboard AI in Isabel, the only survivor of the Banished's attack on the UNSC outposts on the Ark.[16]

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