Lua Pong game with AI. V1.21 [1.4 Update]

Cralant - Custom level - from Android
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A pong recreation in Lua using sprites with AI.
First to 9 wins.

Derivatives disabled while the code is poorly optimized and sloppy, may enable them in the future. Updates coming soon.

Added speed and difficulty selection.
Camera movement disabled.
Minor code changes.

Fixed errors that were causes by the update.
Made use of the get_cursor command for paddle control.
Changed the background and border.
Minor code optimization thanks to sdac.

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  • the-gamer: Illuminate views 6666
  • Chad64: Wow, never knew someone made this already. :D
  • ElementalGenius98: Please add 2 player mode ^^ its great ^^
  • Manny: Beat insane easy!
  • Ronan: Derivatives?
  • ricardito08: Yes!!! Won in insane!

  • Leis: It is shame the this won't last on feature level eternally: ) it is master piece!
  • Cralant: Ill open it soon, Just needs a little bit more work.
  • JOELwindows7: Wonder how to add this to favorite when editing is disallowed. So I can play every time I want without have to harshly find.
  • Mattdogking: HOW!
  • zardOz2: Load in main page its at the bottom
  • ThE_KiSsCo0l: I do not know how to see the version?
  • pajlada: @ThE_KiSsCo0l: What version are you using right now?
  • ThE_KiSsCo0l: I rebooted my phone and uninstalled and then reinstall the application but it does not always make me update
  • zardOz2: Hmm sometimes it doesnt say update for me too, usually if I search "principia" sometimes it wont give the update option from the search page I need to actually open the princpia reviews page... might try powering down phone if that doesnt work, maybe Play needs a reboot
  • ThE_KiSsCo0l: Thank you but when I go to play blind there is no update but when do I start the game it tells me that there is an update available on this site
  • zardOz2: Google play store, principia, update
  • ThE_KiSsCo0l: How is it to do the update?
  • Cralant: Changed the code so texels are only being set at the start. Thanks sdac.
  • Alfajim: Awesome! !!! :)
  • sdac: also, a performance issue on some older phones I tested the level on, I think you are calling set_sprite_texel() every tick. You should only call that function inside a this:first_run() or performance will be impacted severely (unless you NEED to change the sprites every tick, for animation work)
  • Cralant: Should be updated now. Thanks sdac :)
  • sdac: Very good! Can you please upgrade the level version in Level Properties? It needs to be level version 26 before I can feature this level, which I want to do.
  • Rubicon2: This is simply awesome!
  • zardOz2: Great update C!
  • Cralant: Thanks for the comments and likes :). Yeah cam movement wasn't disabled, in the next update it is and there are further improvements such as being able to change AI difficulty and game speed settings.
  • zardOz2: @sdac: oops, I was thinking of disable zoom. He mustt have it locked from cam:set:position
  • sdac: cam movement isn't disabled
  • Golden: @Cralant: update is published but it takes time to released update
    Like delay,
  • zardOz2: @mznznlt: cam movement is disabled, but it still trys to drag a bit when you pull.
  • TechZ2124: Awesome, really well made ! Be wary jammer312, I think you have got a new rival !
  • mznznlt: Woulnd it be easier to just disable cam movement than doing some sort of trickery with cursor fields? A really good game :)
  • Cralant: I was planning on adding difficulty selection and more optimization but I decided to wait until the update is released before adding anything. Cheers for the tip on the cursor field :)
  • zardOz2: Solid stuff, Perhaps a dificulty prompt at the beginning for ball speed My only issue was my finger in the way... I think you might be able to remove the camera drag thing with large cursor fields dragging in a cursor field overrides the camera swipe... might work.
  • Cralant: By the way, it is possible to win if anyone is having trouble beating the AI. I felt the AI was too easy so before publishing I improved the reaction speed.

LEVEL ID: 2660