12218789 - Custom level - from Android
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Two UNSC Frigates have encountered a covenant CRS CLASS cruiser.

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  • JupiterSky: @12218789: wow.
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: Sure
  • BloodStorm: can you allow derivatives for a second?
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: Im making a Orbital defense platform
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: Ok
  • BloodStorm: imma make the DA carrier, Icyflames Rn
  • BloodStorm: this reminds me of star trek...
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: Normally two frigates would lose to cruiser if its shields were up and it was using just one plasma torpedo.
  • BloodStorm: the CRS cruiser got a hit in the turret then the area under the superstructure
  • 12218789: @JupiterSky:
  • 12218789: @BloodStorm:

LEVEL ID: 26604