Mini UNSC INFINITY Class supercarrier v2

12218789 - Custom level - from Android
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A mini infinity,

Manufacturer: United Nations Space Command (UNSC)
Class:Infinity-class supercarrier
Role: Fleet flagship, Galactic exploration, Large-scale force deployment
Specifications: Length: 5,694.2 meters (18,682 ft) Width:833.3 meters (2,773.9 ft) Height:1,041.2 meters (3,415.9 ft)
Engine: XR2 Boglin Fields: S81/X-DFR One primary, two secondary repulsor engines Slipspace drive: Mark X Macedon/Z-PROTOTYPE #78720HDS
Hull: Titanium-A3 battle plate (4.9 meters) Equipped with energy shielding
Armament: 4x CR-03, Series-8 MAC (2 bow, 2 bow flank) 350x 24 M42 Archer 250x 30 M75 Rapier 500x 20 M96 Howler 830x M965 Fortress 70mm guns Dorsal Mark 2551 MAC network Dorsal M85 Anti-Aircraft Gun network Dorsal M97 Guided Missile Weapon System network Several HAVOK tactical nuclear weapons
Complement:17,151 personnel Hundreds of ground vehicles, At least two M510 Mammoths, D79-TC Pelicans, F-41 Broadswords, GA-TL1 Longswords, 10 Strident-class heavy frigates and an Unknown number of Huragok
Service information Commissioned:February 21, 2557 (official ceremony)
Participated battles: Insurrection Blooding Years, Assault on Vadam keep, Post-Covenant War conflicts, First Battle of Requiem, New Phoenix Incident, Second Battle of Requiem, Battle of Ealen IV, Ambush at Oth Lodon and Mission to Ven III Battle of Aktis IV
Fleet: Expeditionary Strike Group 1 Known commanders:Captain Andrew Del Rio (2552–2557) Captain Thomas Lasky (2557—)
Affiliation:UNSC Navy

Usually is escorted by a few autumn class cruisers and the 10 frigates it carries in its hanger.

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  • 12218789: @BloodStorm: THE INFINITY! PRIDE OF THE UNSC NAVY!

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