master2 - Adventure level - from Android
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My raycast graphics.
Kill robot bomber.

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  • nalcwap: sorry oftopic, i have this app in my lg d290 and works correct, but i send the same apk to my asus pad 7 the app open but not open any sample or can not create because get out and close,anyone here witha asus tablet that work or know a fix? i thanks and sorry post oftopic
  • JupiterSky: Nice! Now we know what it feels like to be mari- I mean the robot.
  • aperture: Cool really, but both HXCT's and this have one axis missing. In HXCT's version, bullets extend from ceiling to floor and on this one, you can't turn. Due to limitations of principia. Doom cancelled.
  • 12218789: Amazing!
  • Golden: Damn this is amazing
  • mrsimb: Cool

LEVEL ID: 26671