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NanoDude05 - Custom level - from Windows
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  • nalcwap: i try same problem, the app open but not create or open created levels @NanoDude05
  • NanoDude05: @nalcwap: the tablet really should not matter; try re-installing the app
  • NanoDude05: @nalcwap: be a little more specific
  • nalcwap: sorry oftopic, i have this app in my lg d290 and works correct, but i send the same apk to my asus pad 7 the app open but not open any sample or can not create because get out and close,anyone here witha asus tablet that work or know a fix? i thanks and sorry post oftopic
  • NanoDude05: @BloodStorm: no
  • BloodStorm: Was the rubys their blood? Cuz they all died...

LEVEL ID: 26696