M.A.C. 4X4 Truck

MARRA92 - Custom level - from Windows
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The goal is to make one good working vehicle built in the harder way that can be used for time trials or challenge levels adding some more fun than usual vehicles.

Ofcourse it work smoother if the course is made with platforms instead of terrain brush tool.

Changes from the Parent Level:

- Better Gearbox ratio
- Modified Suspensions
- All wheel drive
- RPM Limiter ( cuts off the power at a specified RPM percentage to have better equality between gears )
- Engine setup to have less exagerated torque and to work more realistically, for example the slider now correspond to a pressure on the pedal, instead of setting engine RPMs
- Changed ID Fields position to not interfer with front wheel
- All electronics now onboard

-Rised suspensions and added two more dampers
-Engine setup changes
-Level starts now in N gear, gears disposition still RN123
-Weight changes and minor electronics adjustments
-Engine now have a minimum idle input value
-All known issues seems solved, bugs and glitches included
A/D Gear-/+
Slider Gas
Gears R-N-1-2-3


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  • MARRA92: @hosj12: made new version 5 gears + R
  • MARRA92: @incrazyboyy: gears can occasionally stuck and they require to be a bit bigger than cylinders to work okay, to keep all compact as possible i used cylinders , the combination between wood-interactive-wood allow to kill the woody beating sounds
  • incrazyboyy: I love it! Glad to see that you're still active, loving your wheel shop! My suggestion is to use one of your gears instead of cylinders ;)
  • MARRA92: @hosj12: but yet, reverse have no problems
  • MARRA92: @hosj12: thats the best way i found for making a easy reverse gear, counting that its just for "complete" the features , not that there is a real need of R.. but im working on smaller motor with smaller mechanism hopefully 5 gears + rev and integral traction a lot of work awaits :D
  • hosj12: I LIKE IT other than problems w/ reverse and the fact that the reverse isnt a different gear its just gear 1 with the engine running in reverse
  • MARRA92: Please leave a comment about what you think of this vehicle, I want to make it better as possible so i'd like any feedback!

LEVEL ID: 26704