aperture - Adventure level - from Android
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It' sad.......
*Added props to make it look like MC
*A miserable try at sound effects
*"Netherised", can't add lava without lua, so just pretend the floor is lava

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  • Hello World: The jetpack is a teaser!
  • hhhh: The sound is really junky but there's no way to improve this because of principia's sound system and tickrate(60tick/s)
  • aperture: @RAC10000: point. I will start working on it
  • RAC10000: I like it but shouldn't it be like in the nether
  • JupiterSky: And by fine I mean happy.
  • JupiterSky: Looks perfectly fine to me. (Where is my iron armour?!)
  • BloodStorm: AHHH I MADE HIM MAD!! Wheres my iron sword?!?!

LEVEL ID: 26743