climb the hill

blackghost - Custom level - from Windows
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use D and F to climb

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  • blackghost: @JFCW_MasterBuilder: see this update
  • blackghost: @JFCW_MasterBuilder: i just wanted you to take idea about how this vehicle can move . i didnt want to make super creation . i wanted simple creation just to give idea
  • blackghost: @electro: thanks but the original idea for JFCW_MASTERBUILDER
  • HXCTCreations: @jfcwray: @JFCW_MasterBuilder: so, what's the difference between these two accounts?
  • JFCW_MasterBuilder: I don't like it. I like a lot of your creations and I want too tell you why I don't like it. First is the servos. I tried servos and they had the same problem yours has. I wanted my creation too always have the ability of two conformed points of traction aka always two wheels on the ground. second is the fact that you cant control both sets of wheels individually. and the final reason is that all you did was recreate a past version. when I was creating my vehicle I made probably 13 versions and added taken away adjusted fixed and everything else too come too my final product. I spent a lot of time building it and I will add in the description the controls but I made a creation that has a lot of controls. but it has a lot of controls for a reason. Can climb dam near anything that isn't taller than it is long. you just have too master the controls. It isn't simple for a reason. it can do a lot more and climb a lot more than this simplified version. I appreciate your idea and you have made some cool creations but I don't like this simplified version of an ultimate off-roading machine
  • jfcwray: @blackghost: I will check it out as soon as I get home and get on my computer. I Built it based off of a vehicle called the "Land master" from an old movie called damnation alley. ( i do not recommend watching it. The only interesting and really cool part is the 7 minutes that the land master is on the screen. ) I am planning on building the rest of the vehicle later I just posted the base Idea of it. Here is a link too a photo of the landmaster in the movie
  • electro: Wow wow wow wow wow
    No words dude, your‚Äč level so awesome that it reminds me my vehicule levels

    Epic stuff man, unique, Keri it up!!!
  • blackghost: @JFCW_MasterBuilder: i allowed derivatives for you
  • blackghost: @JFCW_MasterBuilder: if you want add terrain and test it
  • blackghost: JFCW_MasterBuilder: i allowed derivatives for you

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