Marble Race

Hello World - Custom level - from Android
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Guess which ball is gonna win. Is it wood, metal or blue? Say in the comments which marble you voted for. Did it lose or win?

Views: 232 Downloads: 79 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 56

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  • JupiterSky: Lol, I didn't even read the comments.
  • JupiterSky: Yus! I win.
  • JupiterSky: Metal.
  • that guy2: @NanoDude05: ...which is a result of more weight...
  • NanoDude05: @Linux: not because of more weight because of more downward momentum when hitting other objects
  • BloodStorm: Metal wins!
  • Linux: metal ball has more weight so it usually wins

LEVEL ID: 26773