[Contest] Sledding! (ENTRY) Cheats

JupiterSky - Custom level - from Android
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Yet another contest
This contest is easy and fun for everyone!
-No lua
-No thrusters, fans, motors, rockets, servos, linear servos or motors,
OverPower glitch
-No catapults or launchers
-The camera must follow sled
-No static objects (platform, rail, etc.)
-No editing course or sled pusher
-No gravity manager
-Build MUST be inside lasers
-Level MUST allow derivatives
-Level MUST be a derivative of this level
-Level title must say:
[Contest] Sledding! (Entry) *name of sled*
-Have Fun!
Contest ends when Santa comes to town ;)

Views: 249 Downloads: 78 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 166

Top 10 Players

1. Linux
2. mbot800
3. pentaaxis
4. GameMaste
5. Nub4444
6. Galvatron66
7. TheBossMan
8. Tesla 09
9. paulomeyer
10. Hello World


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