Bridge construction challenge. Level 1 (Entry)

JupiterSky - Custom level - from Android
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A failed attempt.

You must build a bridge so that the vehicle could cross the gap.
1. Wood only (except rockets, thrusters and breadboards)

2. Vehicle's both wheels must stay on the platform.

3. Joint strength must be set at 0.05 or less (except for where the starting planks are connected to platforms, be careful not to change strength of them)

4. You can only connect to the starting planks and your own planks.

5. Road on what the vehicle drives must be made out of Sublayer planks in a chain like pattern with rotating connections, support can be made out of any kind of wood you want.

6. No messing around with damping, gravity and so on.

7. No messing around with everything that is already there.

8. Your entry must be a derivative of this level.

There will be no winners only compliments on your glorious build.

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