Selective ABS by velocity test (ABS only from highspeed S.Brake)

JOELwindows7 - Custom level - from Android
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ABS active only if the sudden brake happened since certain high speed. After the speed goes lower than the required, the ABS is off and back to locking brake system.

Slider - Accelerate
A - Hold to Reverse
F - Hold to Brake

ABS will be on if Speed > Required ABS Speed. Bellow that Required ABS Speed, it will back to lock brake.

Left Grapher - Acceleration
Mid Debugger - ABS status. Is it On/Off?
Right Grapher - Reversing

In ABS mode, The Reverse switches On and Off every 2 tick, as you can see on Grapher. Once the Speed goes lower than Required ABS Speed, the ABS is off and goes back to Lock Brake. In Lock brake, the reverse will switch On/Off only by 1 tick.

In ABS mode, the Accelerate will switch between 0.001 and 0 every 2 ticks. In Lock brake however, Accelerate is always 0.001.

Kinda dangerous if the brake lock as if you were still on steer swerving while braking suddenly. When the speed goes lower, you will lose traction and start to skid.
Otherwise it can be helpful if quicker to stop might save that child a little. Because ABS increase stop time compared to basic locking brake. How do I tune the selective ABS so it will not stop ABS even the low speed while at steer swerve mode and No ABS at all if not in steer swerve?

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