NanoTech 5R-TB4

MARRA92 - Custom level - from Windows
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-6V Power ( instead of 24)
-Various bugs fixed


The 5R-TB4 is the result of over a year of development of both engines and gearboxes of which the best ones have been putted together on this car.

The 5R-TB4 means:
5 gears plus reverse mechanical mini gearbox and Tornado Boxer 4-cylinder engine with dampered rear shaft.

All electronics are onboard.

Slider - Gas ( extremely sensible :D )
A/D - Gear -/+
F - Toggle R gear

Gearbox ratio (cylinder sizes):

1St/R - 2/4
2Nd - 3/4
3Rd - 3/3
4Th - 4/3
5Th - 3/2

If you set the wheel to minimum fricion (at 24V), and stop the car putting something in front of it, the car can torque-skid up into 4th gear.

-FIxed wooden noise without having to enlarge the gearbox (just altered the layers of the disturbing cylinders and their servos CTs).
-Restored 2nd gear ratio.
-Engine now gives 100% power (!) still limited in max RPM.


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  • MARRA92: @mattia2005: ciao
  • mattia2005: ciao
  • MARRA92: Finally solved the "poltergeist" bug, where somehow the linear servos of the gearbox were acting gostly weird! now it's gone, prolly due to voltage reductions here and there
  • MARRA92: Finally working nice and smooth! Let's call this a V1.0 lol

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