Semi 6 gear Truck

Toby stahl - Custom level - from Android
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My first linear 4 cylider engine with 3 layer gears on its transmission allowing it to have 3 drive gears and 3 reverse gears im gonna add more drive gears later but it has tons of power and even more traction and torqe with its dual rear ends miniumized slippage to the ground

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  • Toby stahl: Im working a new engine i just wanted to see if my updates would fix this engine
  • ShadowRogue: In gear 3 the pistons lock up
  • Toby stahl: i updated the 45° orientation and lowered my linear servos
  • Toby stahl: Ill defiantly do that im a busy farmer so just trying to clean up my barly before winter but working on it
  • Toby stahl: Ohk i got u now 45° is more balanced and more equally devides linear power to the cam shaft its like turning my 4 cylinder 2 stroke into a 4 cylinder 4 stroke
  • electro: You are ~4 years late to post this, feeling awesome as that time :)
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: check my newer lev for scheme
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: sorry jut woke up, reversed, 45° occupy a lil more radius
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: yes, if you see, putting the smaller cylinders at 90° they occupy a little more radius than putting them to 45°, that can cause the servo to not result long enough to allow full loop. that is what makes your rotations so hard at the moment.
  • Toby stahl: Ok i can see ur talking about so i should probably use a smaller rotation on my cam shaft so that the linear motor has less resitence when making the loop ?
  • Toby stahl: Ok thanks ill make them adjustments
  • MARRA92: **"not that muladd" i meant "note that muladd"
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: rpm sound: muladd freq 300 --> synth IN1 ( muladd you can chenge the sensitivity). not that muladd can both multiply a value ( for example if you want make you engine sound like it gain 1000 rpm while is really gaining 100; and Add a value, for example a default minimu minput value useful to simulate engine idle power
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: found a important issue: the servos must be lowered to let the "piston" goes fully down. as it is now, the servos fadigue to complete the loop ( thats why i mostly put the with 45° orientation, to have smaller rotation radius). for this rpm limiter: muladd with receiver freq.300 -> floor with trasmitter freq 1000 ( better if no other systems use same frequencies). also the engine power supply must be controlled by the gas slider. thrusters i see the turbo look they give but trust me, the piston gives way way way way more power than thrusters. for "turbo mode" you need to let engine power supply increase the output with engine rpm, combined with slider. this more complicated to say that what takes to buiuld. if u have any issue ill make some fast sample levels to scout piece by piece how to fine tune your motor
  • Toby stahl: Ok thanks ill do that
  • MARRA92: sound should be rpm related ( any motor rotating piece) that way it will sound like real life one. il make a fast lev to show that rpm limiter thing
  • MARRA92: @Toby stahl: u must put a sublayer plank (1-0) or any uninterfering layer in order to have the cylinders attached to it, causing no more wobble. also consider rising the first 2 properties of level to obtain more solid connections especially when using wooden pieces. i see you used inter. cylinders as passant which is good because they dont make woody noise this way. Could be quite useful adding RPM limiter acting on power supply: when angular vel meter gives a certain signal, this signal gets added with a muladd helping 1,0 value which will "open" the Floor component that will act on motor reverse or setting minimal power when the limiter triggers. a small flywheel also does a great job in engine smoothness
  • Toby stahl: Id like to know what u think MARRA92
  • Toby stahl: Ples feel free to give me tips on this project i am a biginner at linear engines

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