Its going be awasome

builder123 - Custom level - from Windows
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(Engine from MARRA92)

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  • builder123: @MARRA92: Thats going be very gg, im excited
  • MARRA92: i'm working on a new version of engines that use object fields instead of ID's deigned for bigger machines, so less max rpm and more torque
  • JD55: @builder123: Good job. I like the suspension and the ability to shift from forward to reverse and back at full throttle!
  • 1028349: Szmł jszmł pszmł eszmł eszmł
  • dOUBLEbAD: Ok, cool, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  • builder123: @dOUBLEbAD: Ye, I know bout it, Today im planning fix that
  • dOUBLEbAD: Nice, but I did discover a problem. If you let it reach top speed (takes a minute or so) and put it into reverse it throws out one or more of the wooden wheel pairs. Not sure that could have been foreseen, lol.
  • builder123: @Toby stahl: Dropped
  • builder123: @Toby stahl: Dropped
  • builder123: @Toby stahl: Dont Worry, It move very well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Toby stahl: Drop it lets see it move
  • MARRA92: @builder123: you should put something to keep the wood cylinders pushed in position, even if they can seem perfectly aligned they can slip without a push that let the cylinder adjust its position ( like a servo mounted on a pivoting part). that should reduce the slipping alot
  • dOUBLEbAD: Ah, yes. Wood is not great at producing friction amongst moving parts.
  • builder123: @dOUBLEbAD: U can see "Double Wood Wheel Connector".. and it got no good friction like its slipping, its not 100% connected , and i want to help how to connect it perfectly
  • dOUBLEbAD: What exactly is the problem?

LEVEL ID: 27378