The wave mode of Geometry Dash in Principia.

principiafreak300 - Custom level - from Android
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Since I rebuilt the wave mode of geometry dash, I want you to build a level with it.
Min length 10 sec
No secret ways, you need to avoid everything
Only use pixels because of hitboxes
All portals on layer 2, obstacles on 1
You may build music and sync with it
You may build as hard as you can beat :)
The level has to be a derivate of this
You have 2 weeks to build, then I will select winners.
Good Luck and have fun!
Portals: plank: mini, steeper
Thick plank: normal size
Rail up: normal gravity
Rail down: inverted grav
Cylinder: slow
Corner: normal speed
Truster: fast
Rocket: faster
Dummy: win

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  • principiafreak300: Y does not matter anymore, for placement see below
  • principiafreak300: A short explanation for speed and gravity: Place the objects on layer 2 and y -10 or -11. If player and objects are on same x, the portal will be activated, gravity or speed will be changed.
  • principiafreak300: @Chad64: yes, i also tried that, but it's way harder because if someone moves up, you need the line while hes moving and not only when he changes direction. The problem is now fixed anyway, i just made the list not exceed 128 sprites
  • Chad64: You know what? Forget that. Better just use this:draw_line() than spam alot of sprites to make a line. The only question now is How
  • Chad64: @principiafreak300: Well yeah, that's the point. You need to delete sprites to create more sprites
  • principiafreak300: @Chad64: Ik, but if I just remove coordinatey from the list with an ascending index like that:
    (Maybe its delete, i don't care now) the whole trail gets slowly deleted
  • Chad64: The game can only hold that many sprites. You can delete old sprites to create new sprites.

LEVEL ID: 27390