4x4 big foot

Toby stahl - Custom level - from Android
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Just something cool udated gear slippage, rc controls and course

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  • Toby stahl: There hard to make basically u need the right circle size so it works out to have evenly devided gear teeth for example if u take 2 planks the same lenghts nail em together in grid 1 vertical 1 horizontal so u have a perfect x u can add gear teeth or what i did plastic boxes they will be evenly devided all around the circle than if u want u can add more gear teeth with that statigy but if u. Want to gear match that gear with ur next gear size ull still need to match the grid squares of the distance inbetween ur gear teeth
  • Astemir Sunshev: How do you make wells and gears?
  • builder123: i5 6400, gtx 1070 - 15 FPS :D
  • Toby stahl: Sure np JD i was all ready thinking about that
  • JD55: I like the ingenuity! The way you made all the gears is great. One possible update would be to have one slider for speed, and a two buttons to determine direction (which rocket are lit). That would be easier to control. Good job!

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