NanoDude05 - Custom level - from Windows
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A test with LUA. My attempt to make a function failed, but the LUA in the screenshot is good. Just mess with the values, and you will find good results. The mess over to the left was fine-tuning the LUA to make ~-20 LEVEL gravity. ENJOY!

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  • NanoDude05: @Chad64: one note: if you try to use on a robot with LEGS, the legs will go nuts and the robot will bounce like it is on a trampoline!
  • Chad64: Very useful code you have there :)
  • JOELwindows7: @NanoDude05: np!
  • NanoDude05: @dOUBLEbAD: @JOELwindows7: thanks!
  • JOELwindows7: Exclusive gravity. Duper Awesome Awesome AWESOME AWESOME!
  • dOUBLEbAD: I'm not sure what the counter is about but I like the effect, good job!

LEVEL ID: 27540