I made a principia discord...

principiafreak300 - Custom level - from Android
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I just made a principia discord for the case the servers are down or just for easier communication.
Better change your nickname to your principia username.

If you don't what Discord is:
Discord is a messenger and voice chat, can be used on phone, online or with PC software.
You can create a account at discordapp.com
Then just copy-paste the link and you're a member of the server.

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  • principiafreak300: @QuickestW0LF: yes, it's a really good way to communicate
  • QuickestW0LF: (I mean discord, will join this "group" or whatever you call it if I do)
  • QuickestW0LF: Hhmmm... Should I join?
  • QuickestW0LF: I've been thinking of joining discord for updates and ideas for the ROBLOX community...
    If I join my user would be QuickestW0LF_RBLX
  • principiafreak300: @Johnsinna: Wasn't at my phone or pc, now you've got the principia player rank :)
  • Johnsinna: I joined

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