Rock the Pet 1.2

paxus - Adventure level - from Android
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Bored? Have fun with this boring pet, the Rock. You are the Rock lover, aren't you? You have delivered a package from the PPS (Principia Pet Store). Open the box, There are 2 pets and 2 RC micros. Those RC are Rock the Pet Q&A and Rock Tales Story. And the second box, there's companion.

= To control the companion and/or the Postman, just use Faction Wand
= Try to press the door bell, such a crazy thing

1.0: First Release
1.1: Make the wheel more colorful, fixed some words
1.2: Added companion and some changes

Have Fun with this boring pet.
Any suggestion or problem?

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  • paxus: @Chad64: PRETTY CREATIVE!!!
    I Made this because inspired from Patrick Star's pet from Spongebob Squarepants
  • Chad64: I turned the rock into an Attack Helicopter

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