Gear Van

Aliimran - Custom level - from Android
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My first design on Gear transmission-based speed control vehicle.
Forward and reverse transmissions are possible
Also has brakes and reverse gear ( hold the back transmission )
#Me ni jana masday te

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  • MARRA92: awesome system!
  • JOELwindows7: @Aliimran: :D
  • Aliimran:
  • Aliimran: @JOELwindows7: LIKE!
  • JOELwindows7: @Aliimran: derived from word "super"
    Duper and Juber are exagerated form of it.
  • JOELwindows7: @Aliimran: something more than it. It is positive word.
  • Aliimran: @JOELwindows7: Duper Juber?
  • JOELwindows7: Extremly Duper Juber AWESOME!!!
    Nice car!

LEVEL ID: 27612