Names of other hidden objects

Linux - Custom level - from Android
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Is it possible to get the code for the things without PC-Principia?
Answer:yes in asm you know...
That stuff... Eh at least I like asm... Ewww its Intel x86...
Mobile is the easiest to disassemble
TL;DR - I found some weird stuff no I don't have the source code
Unless your like me and like asm ( I hate x86 asm, which was the most readable form)
Rack code was found
(Referenced as rack, name was rack)

Shelf code was found
(Referenced as shelf name was platform, oops)

Magnet has a lot more code
It was eventually going to be able to magnetise objects
Shares lots of code with magnet socket

Gearbox code looks really cool
Gears where likely going to be added in the next update they have a large code base.

Gearboxes where going to have a editor
Likely was not separate but similar to the active displays
Included ratio coding
Gears don't work because they have entirely separate mechanics
Gearboxes crash because it is very incomplete

Keycard reader has no code
Not a single reference in the code
Principia sign has no code either, likely was just an easter egg
a lot of the models that were found have no code
Which is weird, because they are a lot of objects(that I forgot about lol) that have code but don't reference a model

The principia devs like to name objects weirdly, (function names where a little hard to trace);

The code is for sure c (maybe c++ they look practically the same compiled) I can tell by the functions, you might find this cool they actually used real lua, its not some other compiler like luaforj its the real deal

Box2D this part was the hardest to read so this is mostly just a guess;
From what I can tell all objects are treated like they are 2d and render in 2d , then are shown as a 3d model which is why we have layers because if I remember correctly box 2d allows for layers

The included in the windows version is included in the apk, from what I can tell so are all the other assets. That's why the sound manager is broken no I can not fix it

Sorry for the long description I'll keep you updated on my findings on this level and on discord (mostly on discord this level will likely be for confirmed stuffs)

(I'm also pretty sure they didn't obstruct the code so there still is hope, of grabbing the code)

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  • Linux: @Golden: Found a source
  • Linux: I posted on discord the thing
  • Chad64: @Golden: i think he wasnt talking about the cool new unrealeased stuff but rather some deeper info about them and other stuff the devs were working on
  • Golden: You missed seperator, background etc
  • Golden: I already listed the hidden objects
  • Linux: For those of you wondering how they got the objects other than finding them in existing levels. They probably edited a file called nomad hideout.txt in the android apk, in this file objects are referenced to by a little tag at the bottom with little values on of those values is the Id of the object that identifys it's type. Substitute in a new value zip it change the file extension to .apk sign the apk so it can be installed uninstall principia install again

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