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abdou joker - Adventure level - from Android
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When i been in the big hovercraft, i want the finder stop find me....
(Like i use object field or with the Rc)
Can you help me guys!!

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  • abdou joker: @Linux: can you do it to me because i don't know how i use it yet
  • abdou joker: @Linux: can you do it to because i don't howe i use it yet
  • Linux: i can use lua to help you - artemking4
  • abdou joker: @Chad64: i want to ask you if you have a facebook or instegrame
  • abdou joker: @Chad64: ohh thank you
  • Chad64: or disable left and right rocket when robot is in ID Field range
  • Chad64: put a big ID Field on your hovercraft and set target to robot
    then get IF Gate and connect object finder and id field and connect it to whatever object finder is connected to
  • Tobot_GX7: That is amazing!!!
  • Tobot_GX7: That is amazing!!!

LEVEL ID: 27623