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BloodStorm - Custom level - from Android
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Im having trouble on bunker men 2, idk how to switch emitter robots from roaming and back easily. If anyone knows a way where the robot nearest to the lua when given a signal is toggled from/to roaming please let me know how.

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  • BloodStorm: Nvm.....It seems once you toggle roaming it wont toggle off
  • BloodStorm: Ok I got it, I just need to find how to make a lua that sends a frequency based on the ID, like if object id 2 send frequency on 2, or just if id 2 send (manualy set) frequency, once again I dont know how to get a objects id automatically
  • BloodStorm: But yeah im gonna have to not use emmitter bots, just make it where they die then tp back with full health
  • BloodStorm: Oooohhhhh.... @hhhh perhaps your turret you made slightly rescripted could get the robo id, and set the manager to it?
  • gemaine: It's very revolutional and doesn't use lua
  • gemaine: @Bloodstorm I've actually figured out the way to perfect hover at any altitude
  • BloodStorm: But how do I get the id of it, withought doing it manually?
  • hhhh: @BloodStorm:Use the Lua script command
    Set the target of the robot manager to the stepped robot.
  • BloodStorm: @Atremking @hhhh @HXCTCreations this is on emitter bots, as in bots spawned with a emitter. Perhaps I could do a lua where it heals them then teleports it to spawn. I wouldnt be able to use emitters though, but the problem would be fixed. But this is for ANY bot who steps on it, not a wireless toggle
  • HXCTCreations: Did you want to play a specific robot at a time?
  • hhhh: Maybe robot manager with forced moving/stopping.
  • Artemking: Hmm, maybe with robot manager,but... Hmm, Maybe boxing?
  • BloodStorm: @hhhh @golden @NanoDude05

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