Active reaction suspension [help]

mahiddine213 - Custom level - from Android
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Help me make it , a suspension that reactes to the terrain ahead of it , feel free to change all the concept [no lua]

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  • electro: @mahiddine213: there was a person named 'Rubicon' on principia, he could do it easily. But he left principia...

  • mahiddine213: @electro: i tried alot of ways , but i couldn't
  • electro: Yes, even Google self drive car also uses it
  • mahiddine213: I know this concept , but i thought using proximity sensors it'll be superstable , and exactly like mercedes s-class 2017 model @electro:
  • electro: Here you go :)
  • electro:
  • mahiddine213: @hhhh: I thought about it but , i wanted extra stability :/
  • hhhh: Just see my level:
    Long leg car
    You will need tiltmeter to do.

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