(Unofficial contest) ultimate all-terrain suspension vehicle

dOUBLEbAD - Adventure level - from Android
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I made a thing.

1. Build in laser box only
2. No lua script
3. No thrusters or rockets
4. No tiltmeters
5. Machine must be able to drive left and right
Contest ends in a week.

Good luck!

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  • mrsimb: like how you made a 'cog' wheels
  • JD55: Never mind, I just downloaded the parent and see the laser box is just to put a constraint on the size of the vehicle. Guess I answered my own question! : )
  • JD55: The thing you made sure has some traction goin' on! BTW, what is meant by "build in laser box only"?
  • Chad64: i like the thing you made

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