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Golden - Custom level - from Windows
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Hello players of Principia! as you know i am still alive :3

Most of our team has decided to recreate new Principia, similar physics and ideas. What name is that new game were working on? its NewtonBox! What is a NewtonBox? it has many features and it can be added more by your requests/ideas!

Heres the link to our discord Official NewtonBox community!

ps. its still under development

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  • BloodStorm: Or ever
  • Golden: @Galvatron66: well sdac wasn’t going to opensource soon
  • Galvatron66: Taking advertisement to the next level
  • electro: Okay, just give me the list of stuff and let me do the magic :)
  • Golden: @electro: like clippy said, you can join us through Discord
  • Clippy: @electro: help us model
  • electro: Sure, what can I do?
  • Golden: @electro: you can help with us
  • electro: Oo
  • Golden: @electro: i think he probably abandoned it, i never heard him working on project for a year, but i contacted him and said that hes busy with life including college
  • electro: @principiafreak300: yeah
    @Ctjet: told me to model rockets and it's already done, with some more stuff but he never contacted me after that
  • principiafreak300: PS we haven't even really started the development lol

LEVEL ID: 27841