Unnecessarily Ridiculous [Contest Entry]

dOUBLEbAD - Custom level - from Android
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Android is Thirsty

It is a warm summer day in Principia and the sun is heating up the android past its tolerances. It has become sentient and understands the peril it is in. How complicated could it be to get a drink?

Description of Events:

The steady stream of top hat clad robots travel down to cause an interruption in the laser beam. That interruption creates the timing for the semi-mechanical timing (yellow). The excessively elaborate timing circuit is used to have the android (orange) crawl forward. The android needs to crawl because his creator didn't give him any knee joints (stupid builder). The android crawls forward to hit the buttons to activate and operate the weight shifting walker (red). When the android pushes the buttons it will shift the weight of the walker to the front allowing it to progress forward to the end. When the weight shifting walker reaches the end it will deactivate everything activated thus far and activate the fan/laser timing circuit (blue). The fan/laser timing controls the odd vehicle (magenta) and has it perform an unnecessarily complex series of motions in order to advance to the other end. During its travel, the vehicle poops out magenta blocks. Once the vehicle reaches the end it will activate the lever sending the planks cascading in a domino-like fashion towards the cup of fluid. When the planks reach the end they activate a linear servo to dump the contents of the cup and provide the android some refreshing fluid.


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  • dOUBLEbAD: @JD55: Thanks, I spent a bit of time on this one. To make it as unrealistically complex as possible more than anything else. Basically a rube goldberg machine at its core. It could be done much more simply but it is a good watch at least, lol.
  • JD55: Great level...I definitely have something to aspire to! : )
  • dOUBLEbAD: @mrsimb: @BloodStorm: Thanks, it took a bit to get together but over engineering things seems to be something I am good at, lol.
  • BloodStorm: Nice
  • mrsimb: quite mesmerising
    i watch it fourth time
  • Johnsinna: he need some drincc
  • mrsimb: oh my glob

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