loloelo123 - Custom level - from Android
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I thought I had a pretty cool handball game. We are aiming and shooting, we try not to let the ships touch us. I wish you a lot of fun and I hope you will like it. Leave a comment and like if you want.


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1. Artemking
2. loloelo123
3. HXCTCreations
4. Hello World
5. TheBossMan
6. paxus
7. uaegor
9. BloodStorm
10. mrsimb

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  • Artemking: @loloelo123: Idk, i think no
  • loloelo123: i dont know....... maeby make own game?
  • Artemking: wait... wha?
    (my score is present)
  • Artemking: + maybe i will make improvements,,, shop maybe
  • Artemking: @loloelo123: controls using taps
  • loloelo123: what do you mean saying comfortable??
  • Artemking: @loloelo123: hey, can i make more comfortable copy of it?
  • Artemking: @loloelo123: :[
  • loloelo123: @Artemking: why no it is cheating because while i was making this level i focused on mobile players
  • Artemking: @loloelo123: NOOOO
  • loloelo123: i will delete all pc scores
  • Artemking: @loloelo123: Das izy
  • NanoDude05: @loloelo123: so
  • loloelo123: @NanoDude05: lol!!! i maked 13 k score on android!!!!!!!!!!
  • loloelo123: rly.... try on android
  • NanoDude05: @loloelo123: pc :) e-z to win on pc
  • loloelo123: @NanoDude05: how u did that??? u was playing on pc or not ??

LEVEL ID: 27990