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Golden - Custom level - from Android
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I need a idea to build something.
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  • BedrockStar: @Golden: Can you build better world:)
  • Golden: @MARRA92: uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh no try asking HXCTCreations
  • MARRA92: and so if setted to any other color
  • MARRA92: Ive seen some LUA water levels, with water made in semitransparent light blue.... can you make similar thing but that can be used not as water but like light sight? when this thing is toggled and setted white, it emit semitrasparent white light effect.
  • _vania_: Hmm, Im needed too..
  • jammer312: @Radu: Challenge accepted!
  • Radu: hmmm make a big boat with steam engine:)) or make a big submarine or make a something big with more functions
  • zardOz2: Im talking maybe 1000 parts, each syllable with a few overlapping synth sounds which trigger with a timed toggler, maybe 10 parts per syllable or individual sounds
  • jammer312: I don't good at OVER9000 electronic parts working together. For me it's better to make 100+ lua scripts
  • zardOz2: It doesnt need to depend on Lua, timed pulses to synths can make crude syllables Im sure.
  • jammer312: Hmm, I can try to make program that reads frequencies from microphone and then output it to file...
  • jammer312: @zardOz: I already tried to make program that will transfer mp3/wav to lua arrays for later playing, but fft too hard for me(.
    Voice synthesizer simulator is limited by time limit for lua scripts. It's too hard for now. But I have an idea: let's make complex lua physics engine in principia:) it will support obstacles(fixed and moving),collision,gravity and many others. But I need to complete my text processor for now. It only needs lower case letters for now and maybe some other special symbols
  • zardOz2: Well either we gotta find the synth settings for the universal robo voice or start playing with the synth trying to make syllable sounds that can be strung together..
  • rocketscientest: @zardOz: Ok, how should we help?
  • zardOz2: I just had a massive idea but it will probably require the community to join together. Let's make the synthesizer talk! Our goal is to recreate the classic voice of "Joshua" from the movie War Games. It must say "would you like to play a game"!
  • rocketscientest: Apparatus was fun, but then Principia came out. Principia is so much more fun.
  • Cheddah: Water balloon launcher
    using 3 ropes connected end to end you can make a full circle. Then fill it with fluid. Adjust connection strength of the watter balloon and it will burst upon impact.
  • zardOz2: Hmm, There is a distinct lack of "bridger" vehicles considering how popular they we're in Apparatus also very few rube goldbergs suprisingly

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