Base Defense

Sir Yakk - Custom level - from Android
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Choose level difficulty (time to survive).
Aim with rotary. Fire with button.
Start with 500 points. 100 points are deducted
If a dummy makes it to the ground. Run out of points
And lose. Warning will sound if a dummy is in
Danger of touching down.

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  • Sir Yakk: Done. Didn't catch that.
  • sdac: Cool level, but can you please change the category to Custom, this is not an adventure level.
  • Sir Yakk: It was the best I could get it and keep the borders out of the picture. I could change the sensors around but
    really didn't feel like it. It was just an experiment in randomizing emitters.
  • zardOz2: Very nice, zoom is harshly close.

LEVEL ID: 3178