Risky Mania™

Leis - Adventure level - from Android
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*THIS LEVEL IS HUGE* That mean sometime or some of you experiencing laggy.

◆Score as credit system
◆Many interaction
◆Kill rewarded system
◆Brain torture levels
◆Challenging BOSS
This the the Risky Mania™ !

Please report any bug you found, minor or big, I will looking into it ASAP the bug is reported.

Please comments your high score! :)

Changed 1.1: FIXED some major bugs , tweaked as alfajim and yo man feedback.
1.2: Fixed some minor error.Please , welcome any bug report!
1.3:Minor bug fixed

Views: 7190 Downloads: 2782 Unique objects: 78 Total objects: 4080

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  • incrazyboyy: I HATE THIS LEVEL SO MUCH!!!
    @pajlada: @Leis: The mining through this way too big mountain is so boring, I fell asleep 2 times!!! And I mined so much to get a battery and a ct mini to see that I only can drive 4 meters!? Next, I walked through the castle 100+ times because you set no checkpoint! The building of a car was so awful I had to mention pajlada: I play on a 4,5" display and hat to click 1000+ times on a part to move it! And why the hell is every part connectable to the (lagging like crap) pixels in the background!? Some UI elements are way too big, so I always had to walk to be able to see it again, and other elements like the walking arrows are too small! After 40 (!) minutes of pain, I managed to build an awesome car with movable mirrors to see it doesn't fit through the boss door -.- so I put the roof on the other side, opened the door, a laser appeared - GAME OVER!! Now my phone has a broken display, I can't sleep anymore and waste my time typing this very angry comment!!!!!! PLEASE pajlada improve the adventure builder and the ui and PLEASE Leis make an update :(
  • ricardito08: Samsuge galaxy tab s3 doesnt lag bad!
  • Leis: @The Ohio One: Then did you beat it ? :)
  • The Ohio One: I smelt dangerous?!?
  • ricardito08: Hey @sdac, when is the update of Principia 1.5?? I can't wait for it.
  • ricardito08: @Leis: Ikr. But when trying to publish a level is asks me. Why the hell I have to log in again?!
  • Leis: @ricardito08: but u only need to log in once isn't?
  • ricardito08: @Leis: Oh. That's what I was thinking about. Well its because I need to log in AGAIN to post a level. Sorry about that.
  • Leis: @ricardito08: Thanks then :) but why u diddidn have you own level?
  • ricardito08: @Leis: Of course! Lol! :D
  • Leis: @ricardito08: Thanks :D u r my first fan? Lol
  • ricardito08: @Leis: Hey @Leis, I'm starting to like your levels. Nice job!
  • ricardito08: @sdac: Looking foward to Principia 1.5
  • ricardito08: @Leis: No problem Leis :)
  • Leis: @ricardito08: Let's wait sdac out the new version :)
  • ricardito08: @Leis: Ik. If you added a final boss my phone and PC will be very laggy!
  • Leis: @ricardito08: Me waiting either :) Final boss isn't what I originally planned as level already too laggy
  • ricardito08: @sdac: Can't wait for Principia 1.5 It'll really make risky mania(this one),art adventure, and.more big levels faster. Thx sdac!
  • ricardito08: @woodnut: Ik.woodnut.
  • ricardito08: @Leis: Ik. I downloaded it so.I can see what's ahead
    (Ignore the comment below this)
  • ricardito08: @Leis:Ik. I downloaded it so I can see what's ahead.
  • Leis: @ricardito08: Lol it is a huge adventure!
  • ricardito08: @Leis: Omg. I only defeated one.
  • Leis: @ricardito08: This level included three boss :)
  • ricardito08: @Leis: Ya. Anyway I found out its the boss.
    (Ignore the comment below)
  • ricardito08: Ya. Anyway I found out its the boss part.
  • Leis: @ricardito08: I see you didn't like the Holly S**t word !
  • ricardito08: At the part where the spikebot's car is when it was coming towards me and I had to throw bombs to the weak spot.
  • Leis: @ricardito08: huh?? Where??
  • ricardito08: At the part where there's the spikebot's car you used bad language. Watch your language!
  • Leis: @spyninja242001: @woodnut: thanks guys :)
  • woodnut2: Huge adventure , nice :)
  • spyninja242001: I LOVE IT
  • Leis: @Sir Yakk: Thanks : ) I had keep switching both note 2 while onenof them battery dry to build this level
  • Sir Yakk: Great adventure.
  • Leis: @BillFruge: Thanks :D I originally plan it was a exciting adventure lol
  • BillFruge: I like this one -- it's very cute :)
  • RasmusOlle: @sdac: what time are the update in sweden?
  • Leis: @Creed1000: however I will find a way to change it upon your request: )
  • Leis: @Creed1000: creed I know what you mean: ) please hold the rotatory widget and move slowly.. it is a tips and a challenge in game
  • Creed1000: The aiming is very floaty. Too floaty to aim properly.
  • Leis: @sdac: Great! I just thk about making the request but you already had the vision! I am very looking forward
  • JOELwindows7: @sdac: chunk! Like in Minecraft systems.
  • sdac: @Leis: Principia 1.5 brings "big level optimizations" and will allow you to create extremely large levels without impacting performance. Chunks of the level will be loaded/unloaded from the physics engine as the camera is moved around.
  • Leis: @Wkmz: @zardOz: Thanks :) there are few need to fix but I less use cam zoomed...
    @sdac: Thank you sir! The last boss wasn't plan like this yet to.reduce lag I had to sacrifice..
  • zardOz2: No crashes for me
  • sdac: excellent camera work and fun level
  • zardOz2: Really good camera work Leis!
  • Wkmz: Great level !
  • Leis: @incrazyboyy: give it another chance and redownload see could it be fixed?
  • Leis: @incrazyboyy: blue? Hmm some bug I really have no idea @@ mostly is the game problem it self..
  • incrazyboyy: The screen keeps blue - the game don't starts after the first dialog :(
  • Leis: @yo man: I not quite understand whoa you r saying: (( I am not English...Sry: (
  • Leis: @Mbrine12: I seem no problem at all..please try redownload, because this level is too much part which enough for a error occur
  • Leis: @Mbrine12: Crashed?? In detail?
  • Mbrine12: The game crashed
  • yo man: @Leis: I played it sober earlier, but ive been drinking. Im better at games drinking so ill play it in a bit and let ya know what happens.
  • Leis: @yo man: Actually it is quite easy, u try shot straight line but not point up and shot curve angle
  • yo man: @Leis: just the lawn mower part is tough.. but nothing else really.
  • Leis: @Alfajim: and thanks!!
  • Leis: @Alfajim: Ya I make it invisible as more explorer spirit isn't?
  • Alfajim: Good work, it's a huge level and fun to play. The mountain was a bit tricky, for some reason layer three wasn't invisible as you go behind it so I couldn't see what was in my way on layer 2. :)
  • Leis: @yo man: Thanks :) any others feedback?
  • yo man: Much better. Very cool.
  • Leis: @yo man it seem during uploading the process has ruin some file , now it is working again :) very appreciate your report!

LEVEL ID: 3238