skullboss (boss battle 2)

mightyslick - Adventure level - from Android
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Your companion bot is lost. Help get him back.
This is my second submission ever. Still making revisions but wanted to share the mostly compete boss battle.
Don't forget to use the layers, they work great for dodging. A simple jump and layer down can keep those lazers from getting you.

Revision: Changed eyes. Still trying trying hit chime working and boss health bar

Revision: boss health bar in place. Still working out bugs.

Revision: boss health works and hit chime!

Please, any suggestions are welcome as I'm still a new builder and learning , thanks!

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  • sjoerd19992: Really cool level!! I like it!! ;)
  • roboz: @mightyslick: OK thanks
  • mightyslick: @roboz: search basic parts tutorial boss hp. The grapher just displays the output of that circuit.
  • roboz: How did you get the grapher to go down when you hit the impact board? I've spent a while trying to figure it out
  • Golden: @mightyslick: were are update
  • Leis: Nice background and pesticide the boss holding! lol I get 280 score killed the companion bot
  • roboz: Awesomeness
  • mightyslick: . @davetheguy: great idea , I will do some more tweaking on it. @Demon666: thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it. I tried to make it play like a full boss battle with a weapon stash and add a lot of small details to get it looking and feeling like a complete game.
  • Demon666: lmao I like this level. took me a min to figure it out tho.
  • davetheguy: Maybe try adding multiple difficulties.
  • Golden: @mightyslick: good idea ;)
  • mightyslick: @golden, not a bad idea. Say like around 25 percent or so have a few minions join the battle.
  • Golden: Like when boss hp low, will summon
  • Golden: Like when boss hp low, will summon
  • Golden: What about skeleton army
  • mightyslick: Thanks for all the advise. I made all the changes suggested with the exception of lock in the third layer. I use it to dodge lasers how ever it may change if people think it would add to the game. Thanks again and I hope all the revisions make this even more fun
  • mightyslick: @ that guy, sure I will try and get that worked in. Thanks so much for the feed back everyone!
  • that guy2: I would suggest giving him some sort of health bar
  • mightyslick: Thanks techz, I'm planing to make the eyes follow you with led displays.
  • yo man: Well, I give up.
  • TechZ2124: Nice ! I like how the skullboss follow you with its eyes ;)
  • mightyslick: * I will add a chime rather
  • mightyslick: @Alfajim thanks glad you liked it. @Zordoz I will add a him or something to alert a successful hit.
  • Alfajim: Nice, I completed it after a few attempts. It helped when I found the hidden weapon. Fun and a really nice lokking level too. :)
  • mightyslick: Okay. I was using the third layer as a way to help dodge.
  • zardOz2: @mightyslick: aye, I did use the layers, it's just very hard to shoot in one direction reliably on my tiny phone. Oh I forgot, you may want to use the "disable third layer" feature.
  • mightyslick: Remember to use the layers of the map, there is also a clue to a hidden weapon!
  • zardOz2: Great design work slick! I suck at avoiding lasers.. too hard for me. I would suggest splitting the wire from the impact sensors to a sfx emitter to give tthe player feedback when a successful hit is made.

LEVEL ID: 3247