Air Strike

Nighthawk - Adventure level - from Windows
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objectives: kill the boss and his team to gain most score

1- slow down, aim, shoot.
2- when helicopter flashes, that's when you know you hit it.
3- move around, standing makes you an easy target.
4- kill helicopters as fast as you can, you don't want them to accumulate.
5- missles won't work with boss or bases.
6- maintain shots, each shot costs you a point.
7- boss is a hard one, you know, he's the boss.
8- there's a graph the demonstrates boss's HP, you can look it up.

slider - throttle
F - toggle prime weapon
AD - left/right
good luck, and post your score. mine is 2017.

Views: 3235 Downloads: 1039 Unique objects: 71 Total objects: 2276

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  • Manny: @incrazyboyy: oops! Sorry!
  • Nighthawk: @Manny: here you go Manny, now its unlocked :)
  • incrazyboyy: @Manny: well, I'm not the builder of this level :D so it's difficult to allow derivatives for me...
    You have to ask @Nighthawk
  • Manny: @incrazyboyy: yes!for your adventure level. Could you let us edit air strike? Please!
  • incrazyboyy: @Manny: okay but which level? You mean my adventure? Look at the newsfeed!
  • Manny: @incrazyboyy: read the comment below!
  • Manny: Diravities? Please! Incrazyboyy, you know how I and everyone else made you a veichle? Well, you should let us use this level!
  • Manny: I got 1793.
  • Manny: Wow! I got 1975!
  • Manny: I got 1516.
  • Nighthawk: @incrazyboyy: press F to toggle fire on/off
  • incrazyboyy: I can't fire!
  • Builder2000: Score 1581
  • Nighthawk: @woodnut: that's my dad's
    thank you
  • woodnut2: Score 1964 , great game level :)
  • Nighthawk: thanks!
  • TechZ2124: Haha ! That's awesome ! Really well made
  • Demon666: done. here's the link
  • Nighthawk: @Demon666: that would be great :)
  • Demon666: I'd be happy to make a some slider directional controls to make this level easier to play on Android. there can be an option to switch between keyboard controls and touchscreen controls.
  • Nighthawk: @Leis: thanks your highness.
  • Nighthawk: @Demon666: thanks. unfortunately, i don't have an android device to test controls when i build. so it could be weird, but i try my best. i'll get a tablet ASAP.
  • Leis: This is really awesome! Wish I could move backward!
  • Demon666: lol got 1700. the amount of bosses in this game is crazy but awsome at the same time. reminds me of those classic spaceship games. but you might wanna consider changing the gun control to a joystick would make it easier to aim because even on a galaxy note 2 it's still just to small to see where I'm aiming sometimes. still an amazing level tho think I'll play a few more times.
  • Nighthawk: @BELPHEGOR: thank you
  • Nighthawk: @TeaC: @Demon666: press F to toggle fire on/off. tap on the object to shoot. and thanks
  • Demon666: I cant fire either but this looks really cool.
  • TeaC: I can't seem to fire. Real shame it looks awesome!
  • BELPHEGOR: 2044, no lag, AWESOME
  • Maxi44: Score 1967
  • Nighthawk: @Rubicon: thank you, your majesty. ;)
  • Nighthawk: @Alfajim: sorry for that. i forgot to post the guide. and thanks :)
  • Rubicon2: Great level! Welcome back
  • Alfajim: Awesome! Good to see you back. My score was 2132. It wasn't laggy on my phone. The controls are a little awkward on a touch screen though. :)
  • Nighthawk: i think it could be laggy on android :l

LEVEL ID: 3294