Smart hovercraft v4.1

mrsimb - Custom level - from Linux
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Fixed for new build, added grenade launcher (click to shoot). Now it can see the walls


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  • Ronan: Why is your name green?
  • ricardito08: @woodnut: @mrsimb: @oilback: Hello moderators!
  • that guy2: @Gjedda: only 48?
  • TeaC: The craft crashes and confuses the stabalizer so it never recovers and eventually sits on the ceiling lol
  • zardOz2: Fantastic work mrsimb truly remarkable stability.
  • Gjedda: the more i use my speartime on this web side, the more i see im a noob still after 48 hours on this app. nice hovercraft buy the way
  • yasinzz: Youre genius :( and many genius people here in principia :(
  • deathtopolicia: hey .make a frog :D
  • sticks_and_balls: So great my friend... had tons of fun just playing with this
  • mrsimb: @Alfajim: thanks
  • Alfajim: Very smart, good work! :)
  • mrsimb: yes)
  • woodnut2: Smarter and smarter it gets. :)
  • sdac: i managed to reproduce the crash, looking into it right now. thanks :)
  • mrsimb: the game crashes when using grenade launcher too much