007 robot 0.2 <UPDATE>

Ctjet - Adventure level - from Android
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Nowhere near done... beta 0.1

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  • LiamD84: Try again
  • Ctjet: @LiamD84: i didnt see it
  • LiamD84: Now!
  • LiamD84: I think you should have a boss at the end. And can it be a giant snake! I'll make one for you if you like! Just search "snake for Ctjet" when I tell you to in a comment and multi select it and export it. Thanks!

  • Ctjet: @golden: I was hinting that I was going to have videos going with the design of the second version
  • Golden: Nah i dont need hint, i found all guns ;)
  • Ctjet: @golden: @davetheguy: I learned a lot from making this level, im ready for one too :D I may even make it in a video (hint)
  • Golden: @davetheguy: make part 2, i am ready
  • davetheguy: Part 2!
  • Ctjet: @golden: i dont see why not
  • Golden: @Ctjet: can you make it editable
  • Golden: @that guy: doh fan hidden
  • that guy2: And how did you do the blue walls?
  • Golden: My score is 899
  • Golden: @LiamD84: swim i think
  • Ctjet: @LiamD84: as i said, not finished XD
  • LiamD84: At the end, what are you supposed to do when your in the water?
  • Ctjet: @jetboy007: nice
  • jetboy007: My score is 889
  • jetboy007: My score is 889
  • zardOz2: Massive, nice work lots of fun... I just reposted bpt17 my 007 adventure I never completed.
  • Golden: ...

LEVEL ID: 3526