ZardOz Lua sprite tracing help

Cralant - Custom level - from Windows
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Here is what you wanted I ZardOz, sorry it took so long, had a busy day and only got around to it just now.

Script is commented and should explain everything.

I added some extra effects feel free to remove them or mess around with them. I was just experimenting.

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  • Picikak03: @d3xt3R-x: this tutorial can help you
  • spyninja242001: How to change the colour?
  • x32g: Would be great in a game of Pong!
  • Demon666: hmmm intresting....... how about an option to turn that on or off..... im not sure how that will look but it sounds intresting
  • Cralant: @Demon666: And finally would you like the beam to attract to nearby objects?
  • Demon666: no i want to be able to use a joystick and a button to aim and fire the lightning at the angle of the joystick
  • Demon666: if it follows a linear pattern then i can hide a laser under it so that if you aim the lightning at a laser sensor it will look like the lightning set it off instead
  • Cralant: @Demon666: So would you like the beam to shoot from a pre-set point and go to a cursor click?
  • Demon666: yeah i want it to be a little more condensed and follow a more linear path so it can be aimed at something. i think a constant beam would look better as long as it moves and has that glow.
  • Cralant: @Demon666: Ok running some tests, would you like it to be a second of lightning and then fading out or rather a constant beam of lightning. Sort of an effect you would expect from a lightning gun.
    So basically do you want realistic lightning or 'weaponised' lightning?
  • Cralant: Hmm okay I have a rough idea of how to achieve it. I'll attempt a script and get back to you.
  • Demon666: not really I just want it to be constantly moving.... and for it to look something like this but more condensed
  • Cralant: @Demon666: yeah sure I will have a go, any specific requirements, line or sprite?
  • Demon666: @zardOz: @Cralant: i got an idea for either or you. lua lightning bolt lol
  • JOELwindows7: Like! Because can be an idea!!!!
  • Demon666: this is cool i love the trailing effect
  • Golden: That works a printer
  • Cralant: @zardOz: No problem, again sorry for the wait.
  • zardOz2: Cool, thanks man Ill make good use of this.
  • Cralant: @ZardOz: I hope this is what you wanted.

LEVEL ID: 3858