Gravity Master!

that guy2 - Adventure level - from Android
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Man, this is no where near done... it'd be a shame if I were to accidentally upload this to... oops!

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  • Cool Dude: Cool nice and lol
  • harry60406: COOL
  • abrackers2: @that guy: this is a much simpler way than when I tried to du stuff activating on click, I tried to program some stuff to output a tick every time a cursor finder detected a change in location of cursor
  • that guy2: @cswong235: finally got around to uploading behind the scenes level.
  • cswong235: Please allow derivatives! Pleeeez
  • that guy2: @PhyZTech: cuz I said so! I'm letting you flip freaking gravity! What more do you want?
  • PhyZTech: Why i cant jump?
  • hhhh: I completed this!
  • TechZ2124: Great level !
  • zardOz2: Nevermind I forgot how I constructed it... wont quite work with this.
  • zardOz2: Great work tg, check out "swipe controls" should be very easy to adapt to this for four way gravity change... for Gravity Master Part2:)
  • The_Blacksmith_: Very cool! LIKE
  • yo man: I finally beat it!
  • Rubicon2: Very nice level!
  • Leis: Awesome idea and background (especially I felt like have eyes peeping on me..)
  • JOELwindows7: Tips: Allow Derivatives variable is hold only along runtime. Quit and start the Principia again will reset the value back to default 0. So keep in mind to check that mark since you quit.
  • JOELwindows7: Nice speaking man!
  • roboz: Awesome!
  • that guy2: @everybody: thanks! I'm just waiting for some sort of lag reduction update and packages. You wouldn't want to play with 50 pounds of lag, now would you?
  • Alfajim: Nice concept, I like it. :)
  • incrazyboyy: Oh man thats so cool!!!
  • that guy2: @yasinzz: two gravity setters, event listener, and inverter. (Plus a y splitter). Event listener hearing tap/click, wired to sparsifier n toggler, wired to y splitter, one end directly connected to grvity setter 20.00, other end to inverter and then to gravity setter -20.00. Therefore, when you tap or click, it toggles activating one gravsetter or the other.
    @pajlada: implement packages, and that chunky big level thing.then I might.
  • pajlada: I love this concept, looking forward to a full version to play!
  • yasinzz: Which tools you used for gravity please tell me
  • davetheguy: That's what alphas for.
  • davetheguy: Oh.... Thanks!
  • that guy2: @davetheguy: two kinds of pixels laid out in a pattern. Same colors, different alpha channels. One is receiving sine, the other inverted sine.
  • JOELwindows7: Gravity bot!
  • davetheguy: How do you do the thing with the pixels?
  • Anarkuz: Looks like it could be really fun, looking forward to the full version.

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