Tesla Plushies

Nighthawk - Custom level - from Windows
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This is the principia version of Bithack's fun game Tesla Plushies.

touch boxes and guide ball to goal. be aware from extermination ranges.
this game contains 2 levels, you must finish off level 1 and unlock code of level 2. not all boxes are touchable.
if you have something in mind or you noticed a bug, please do tell.

hope you like it.

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  • qwertyah: Code is 7007
  • RasmusOlle: uhum...
  • ak10670: WTF it's to hard
  • Nighthawk: @Egorik: you have to tap on the blocks to create an artificial gravity so you can guide the ball to goal, try that and tell me what happens.
  • Egorik: Не работает я играл в тесла плашис и поверь я попробовал тут поиграть и ничего не получается просто шар стоит на месте
  • khang 4: The passward is 7007 just for cheater that wants to be unfair
  • Golden: I beat level 1 aha and i got password
  • Nighthawk: @RasmusOlle: okay thanks man :)
  • RasmusOlle: i maybe shall make Music to your level maybe? (the official tesla plushies song)
  • Nighthawk: @Technote: @keeghan: @golden: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJuZbXmWbpQ this tutorial shows you that you can beat the game
  • Nighthawk: @Cool Dude: thanks dude
  • Cool Dude: Great Job on the game!I loved it
  • Nighthawk: @keeghan: well i have finished it on PC, i don't know if you got any troubles in android. thanks for playing anyway.
  • keeghan: Level 2 is impossible
  • Technote: Can't beat level 2's beginning aaaahhh

    Really fun and awesome work
  • Nighthawk: @that guy: thanks dude @golden: thanks, it's hard, but nothing compared to the real one. if you wanna get insane, try to finish the original!
  • Golden: Motherf*cker this level because i gave up, this is waaaayyyyyy too hard plus i liked this level and drives me craaaazy to finish it
  • that guy2: Man das harrrrd. But iz sooooo goooood
  • Nighthawk: @sdac: cool! thanks!
  • JOELwindows7: @Nighthawk: you're welcome!
  • sdac: great work :D featured to minigames category
  • Nighthawk: @yo man: @golden: @zardOz: @woodnut: @JOELwindows7: thanks guys.
  • JOELwindows7: Wow!
  • woodnut2: Well done, I'll return to try and finish. :)
  • zardOz2: Nice work, tough little maze.
  • Golden: What is the code is
  • yo man: Tough.
  • Rubicon2: @Nighthawk: I'm just at work, I didn't have time to see if I can finish it, I'll try it when I get home
  • Nighthawk: did anyone else finish it? Rubicon? do i have to make it easier?
  • Nighthawk: @RasmusOlle: yeah, i just saw it, cool one. you were the first to bring it :)
  • Nighthawk: not impossible, i finished it. last part is really hard.
  • RasmusOlle: @teox: tesla plushies IS hard!
  • teox: its impossible
  • RasmusOlle: Im have done a tesla plushies level too!
  • Nighthawk: @Rubicon: @TechZ: thanks guys
  • TechZ2124: Amazing ! Love it !
  • Rubicon2: This is awesome, and challenging, nicely done!

LEVEL ID: 4192