Ball Breaker

BoomShizzle - Custom level - from Android
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Ball Breaker Level 1

<Left. Right> (Pattle Control)


Views: 751 Downloads: 198 Unique objects: 29 Total objects: 631

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  • ricardito08: @BoomShizzle: Look at the RC! Click the COGWHEEL button. Then you'll see a bar horizontal. Then, Remove the buttons. You'll see the rest later.
  • BoomShizzle: How*
  • BoomShizzle: ....I dont know now to do the slider..... .-_- lol
  • Leis: Damn! My favour games all the time!
    @zardOz: You really should change the phone lolz
  • Nighthawk: awesome! great work. but i'm having a problem with view. can zoom out a little?
  • Demon666: damn! I wanted to be the first one to make one of these lmao. good job tho but I would also suggest a slider like. or you could use a curse finder and make the bar follow your finger. it would be alot faster
  • zardOz2: Nice, It's very hard to play on my phone with the dial and buttons blocking the view. A slider would be preferable to the dial on the bottom right.
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome!
  • Rubicon2: Good job
  • RAY5D: 22points!

LEVEL ID: 4308