Angry Sky Dragon

Demon666 - Custom level - from Windows
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Credit to jammer312 for the lua fire code.

- Added backward walking motion(might wanna get some distance from the circuit before walking backwards)
- Increase the range of motion on the neck/head when breathing fire
- No Longer A BETA!
- Allowed Derivatives.


Horizontal slider: controls the direction that the dragon flies in flight mode as well as thanks speed it flies at. Slider also controls the direction it walks in walk mode

Vertical slider: slide up beyond 10% and the dragon will retract it's legs and switch into flight mode this also controls the elevation of the Dragon in flight mode.

Joystick: press and hold and the dragon will open its jaws and breath fire. Joystick also angles the head of the dragon in walk mode and flight mode. Head will return to default position once the joystick is released.

Future Improvements:

- improve walking motion(decrease the change of it triping)
- make the fire follow the dragons mouth more closely
- make the fire cause damage to robots/other things

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  • Demon666: @Aceheliflyer: if you think this is a lot then look at my titan fall level lol.
  • MFer: Nice!
  • Cool Dude: P's. I love it! ; )
  • Cool Dude: Okay that's fine. Just wanted to know....... Thanks!
  • Demon666: @Cool Dude: good looking wings would cause massive stability problems. unless i made lua wings... but then they would cause people to lag. either way we are not ready for winged dragons lol.
  • Cool Dude: I over dragons, but do you think you can add wings
  • Cool Dude: I over dragons, but do you think you can add wings
  • Demon666: @The Ohio One: the fire i used it a modified version of that code
  • Demon666: @The Ohio One:thanks, the fire is the only thing that isn't mine..... the link to the fire code is in the description
  • The Ohio One: Oh by the way how do you do the fire thing?!?!
  • The Ohio One: I really like this level it's very fun.
  • Demon666: @Wkmz: no problem have fun.
  • Wkmz: Thank you, getting to work when I get home :)
  • Demon666: @Wkmz: the walking motion for the crab will be by far the most difficult.
  • Demon666: @Wkmz: prize grabber, wack-a-mole game, walking crab.
  • Wkmz: I think I will try the complicated one.
  • Demon666: @Wkmz: complicated or simple?
  • Wkmz: Hey Demon, need an idea lol
  • Not_Human: Just...awesome
  • jammer312: Use cos/sin and pos of plank of mouth and it's angle to get coords relative to plank of mouth and then update it each tick
  • Demon666: @jammer312: would you mind helping me figure out how to center the fire around the dragons mouth more closely? if you aim the dragons head down all the way or up all the way then the fire goes off center with the mouth and i cant figure out how to make it follow the mouth more closely.
  • Rubicon2: Awesome, it even looks creepy when it walks
  • Demon666: @TechZ: Thanks the walking motion does still need work tho. he still trips from time to time, and he walks frustratingly slow. I'm pretty sure my angry rattle snake moves faster then this thing on the ground lmao.
  • TechZ2124: Great update ! It walks really well now, looks like a real animal ;)
  • Demon666: @Alfajim: im pretty sure i could get it to swim threw fluid aswell if i could emit more fluid.
  • Alfajim: Amazing job! I love the way it "swims" through the air. :)
  • Demon666: @puLLscope: i know. im working on it.
  • puLLscope: Amazing. Love the flying motion. Walking is a bit of a derp though
  • Mattdogking: Nice job
  • jammer312: @Demon666: done, the only barier that it need to be updated for this version(this:set_sprite_tint() -> this:set_draw_tint() and etc)
  • jammer312: @Demon666: Ok I'll allow derrivatives.
  • spyninja242001: AWESOME!
  • Demon666: @yo man: Thanks I still need to do some more tweaking to make the legs extend only when the dragon is close to the ground.
  • yo man: Great update!
  • Demon666: @_vania_: I did say that this is still a wip didn't I lol
  • _vania_: Awesome, but not perfect in walking :(
  • Demon666: @jammer312: your fire 3 and meteor don't have editing avaliable
  • Demon666: @jammer312: sorry about that I did give you credit I the older description but when I rewrote the description I forgot to re-add that section. I'll look into your newer fire code.
  • jammer312: @Demon666:
    firstly: I want others to know who did fire that used here
    Secondly: I already have igniting fire(look at me meteor level to see it in action), so you can remake it for new build and use instead of inventing bicycle.
    Level is called Fire [LUA][U3]
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: not the problem.
  • JOELwindows7: Remember, revesrse on walk!
  • Demon666: @rich11292000: Thanks.... but no that wouldn't help.... I am already working on the solution to this problem.
  • rich11292000: The knee and elbow get out of angle. Will replacing the ct feedback with a ct servo help this? 5 stars
  • Demon666: @woodnut: thanks..... i bet youll love flying it backwards...... once i figure that out..... lmao
  • woodnut2: Super job, love flying it :)
  • Demon666: @sdac: yeah i figured that something like that was happening.... since i noticed that the legs are capable of holding themselves up even if the dragon is falling back to earth. id did aready try using linear servos for this and the results were horrible..... i think i just need to recreate the entire walking motion from scratch and time each step to the proximity sensors under its feet..... thats what i originality intended to do but i got lazy lol....
  • sdac: I think he should be able to walk properly if the motion/direction of the legs depend on the current state of the legs instead of following a fixed rhythm, i.e. one leg (or an asymmetric pair of legs) will not begin moving forward until it has reached a target angle backwards. Consider a linear servo that moves back and forth by switching direction every time it reaches an end vs following a sinewave to go back and forth, if it can't keep up with the sinewave the direction will be changed before enough force has been applied, and the system will eventually converge into a "small" and weak version of the intended system.
  • Demon666: @principia fan: yeah i know there are still some problems with the legs. i didnt make the code for the fire i just modified it.... the original code for the fire is here
  • principia fan: I love it! How did you make the fire? And when I come back down from flying the back legs get twisted. But great job.
  • Demon666: @Rubicon: I should stop doing that tho the plastic beams seem to be a little heavier than the planks which caused balance problems here lol. I know that coloring my robo-dino is gonna be hell. if I decideto keep that design.
  • Demon666: @Rubicon: yea I build the skeleton with wooden planks at first because I never know if I'm going to keep the skeleton that I first made and I don't want to waste all the time coloring it for nothing. usually when something is close to being finished or finished is when I decide to color it.
  • Rubicon2: Looks amazing, well done! Do you initially build them with wooden planks then switch over to plastic? Isn't that a pain in the butt to do?
  • Demon666: @x32g: it was funny but it also looked incredibly stupid lmao.
  • x32g: I liked the sky swimming. :(
  • Wkmz: Daaaaaamnnn , it's AWESOME !
  • Demon666: @zardOz: Thanks for the approval lol this is still in the early beta stages tho so hopefully I'll get a 2.0 approval from you when I finish it lmao.
  • Demon666: @sdac: I never thought about that... once I get my main computer back from repaires I'll try and do that. it's probably the massive circuit that's making them lag.
  • sdac: Amazing as always :D you should record some of your creations and put them on YouTube, many people have too slow devices to see your masterpieces in action
  • Andr3w246: @zardOz: LOL. I give a ANDR3W246 AWESOME Approval!
  • zardOz2: Yep, that is magnificent. Absolutely fantastic work on the head controls D6... Official zardOz seal@ of Approval, 1.49 likes.
  • Andr3w246: HOLY AWESOME! COOL! :-)
  • roboz: Wow!
  • Demon666: @golden: because the servo motors are to weak to make him walk properly.
  • Golden: @Demon666: umm why he is dancing
  • Rubicon2: Awesome, it would be awesome to see it slither like a snake in mid air, great job so far :)
  • TechZ2124: @Demon666: Lol no problem ;) Go to the forum, then go to "User Control Panel", then go in "Profile" and click on "Edit signature". There you can create your own text that will appear under your name and suscribers :)
  • Demon666: @TechZ: nvm figured it out lol
  • Demon666: @TechZ: i know this might seem like a stupid question.... but how did you write all that text thats between your name and your subscribers? lol
  • Demon666: @TechZ: thanks hopefully i will be able to make it move just like my rattle snake but in midair lol.
  • TechZ2124: Wow ! Can't wait to see final version because this one is already amazing ! Great work ;)
  • Demon666: @x32g: yeah I know eventually it won't do that
  • x32g: It looks like it's swimming if both buttons are pressed.
  • Leis: @Demon666: Ya agree lol.. I love create simple > complicate a car , but with detailed function , response that make me relax and not so stress
  • Demon666: @Leis: my brain needed rest to that's why I decided to make my big Robot Adventure lol. I just needed to design something simple, easy and fun for once lol. not all these ridiculously complex walkers lmao.
  • Leis: @Demon666: Ya me too == I knew the feel..and another hours to solve it.. lol but that why we love it :D I didn't even have the dare to challenge what you building lol.. my brain need rest
  • Demon666: @Leis: yeah but alot of my levels were brain torture for me lol. there are so many circuits that anything can go wrong and when it does sometimes it takes me hours to find it lmao.
  • Leis: @Demon666: sure : D brain torture for u lol
  • Demon666: @Leis: yeah but in the finished version it will pick it's legs up and walking will be disabled while in flight mode, for stability reasons. because I want this thing to slither in mid air which is already a stability nightmare.
  • Leis: can moon walk, looking forward to finish it!
  • JOELwindows7: @Demon666: ok yeah!
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: I am it's just difficult to build these things from my phone lol. I cant wait until I get my tablet back.
  • x32g: Fancy!
  • JOELwindows7: Cool man keep going to update if needed.

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