D.A 1 Derivativable

Danish18aiman - Adventure level - from Android
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Created by Danish's Company.

D.A 1 is a robot created for war, sometimes it get laggy and glitch! So sorry about that. New updates will coming soon.

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V 1.1 - Added a STABILIZER at D.A 1's leg.
V 1.2 - Changed the D.A 1 hand's position.
V 1.3 - Changed the movement controls.
V 1.4 - Added eject button.
V 1.5 - Added enemy(not a Boss).

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  • Leis: @Danish18aiman: Just make the craft bigger or something :) I just scare the level lag
  • Demon666: you got the robot running very well lmao. you should also replace the servo motor in the arm with a DC motor so that you can aim faster.
  • Danish18aiman: @Leis: thanks!
  • Leis: @Danish18aiman: Done..I will still improve the craft, this is beta
  • ricardito08: You revisioned this a lot!
  • Danish18aiman: @Leis: ok
  • Leis: Add confirmation on eject F button too >< I always accidently pressed
  • Leis: Please allow derivatives to me for some tweak..
  • Leis: @Danish18aiman: start making boss now..sorry for that long..
  • JOELwindows7: Cool, emergency harmless self destruct!
  • principia_rus: @Danish18aiman: nice robo wolker :-)
  • Danish18aiman: @crazykid67034: errr... I don't think so
  • crazykid67034: Dude my robot had a limp is that normal?
  • Ronan: Cool
  • Danish18aiman: @Leis: Ok
  • Leis: @Danish18aiman: ya that I mean :) OK I will give sample ..u just need to create body kits
  • Danish18aiman: @Leis: hover is better
  • Leis: @Danish18aiman: Hmm , flying one ?
  • Danish18aiman: @Leis: you dont need to make a life bar, i can do it; it's better with walker but if you can't do it, you can create Boss in example: Car, hover.
    But the Boss must follow the adventure robot (ID: -1)
  • Leis: @Danish18aiman: I didn't knee how to make a life bar :( and robot must be walker?
  • Danish18aiman: @Leis:
  • Danish18aiman: a robot with same length (nevermind if tall or short a little), can aim at our adventure robot (gun put in layer 3) and a life bar.
  • Leis: @Danish18aiman: It OK :) tell me your requirements
  • Danish18aiman: @Leis: hey leis, mind if you help me create a Boss?
  • Leis: Good :D
  • that guy2: Add reverse please? And put movement control on the left so I can shoot with right thumb.
  • that guy2: Add reverse please? And put movement control on the left so I can shoot with right thumb.
  • incrazyboyy: Yeah, now it's working perfectly! But what about adding some enemys and houses to destroy?
  • Danish18aiman: @incrazyboyy: Done
  • incrazyboyy: nice one! good work. but i killed myself with the gun - please fix this
  • crazykid67034: @Danish18aiman: awesome
  • Danish18aiman: @crazykid67034: done
  • crazykid67034: This is pretty amazing. I found that it's most stable just an cm or so away from full power even if it
    Trip a couple times. Maybe use stabilizers in the feet
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome I'd like to take that machine.
    Also check another similar by that guy.
    @that guy:

LEVEL ID: 4816