Simon Says - No Lua

Rubicon2 - Custom level - from Android
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I wanted to see what it takes to build a Lua free Simon says game, so here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

Lag isn't too bad as long as you don't enable cam movement and zoom out.

I wanna thank TechZ for building the Lua version of Simon Says at my request, and big credit to ZardOz for helping me with the randomization of numbers.

Please report any bugs.

Update: I made some adjustment to a set of timers, please let me know if it still doesn't register a note mid game (usually 6th or 9th turn)

Views: 1821 Downloads: 522 Unique objects: 35 Total objects: 4002

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  • Rubicon2: @GlaDos: Nice!
  • GlaDos: 19
  • Rubicon2: @Cool Dude: aside from the previously mentioned glitch, it should be working properly.
  • Cool Dude: If I do the right sound it says game over.
  • JOELwindows7: 9
  • Rubicon2: Unfortunately it still has an issue, a silent note on a repeating step #5/6 and I believe step #8/9, in other words, if #5 or #8 notes/colors have a duplicate next step, then the second step will register but will be silent. So if the game seems to freeze up, what it did is repeat the same note as the last one, but it didn't play it for you. You can still play as long as you know that the silent note is a duplicate of the previous one.
  • ricardito08: Went to 8
  • ricardito08: @Rubicon: Ok.
  • that guy2: @Rubicon: yeah because my pattern was blue yellow yellow yellow ? Green. Messed up by hitting green.
  • Rubicon2: @that guy: @ricardito08: I just figured out that when it seems to stop working at a certain number, it's not actually frozen, but it repeated the same note twice but the second one doesn't sound or blink the pixel.. It might be a timer issue, I'll look into it
  • Rubicon2: @ricardito08: sorry you're having the same issue, try restarting the game, or restarting Principia as it is an intermittent glitch.
  • ricardito08: @Rubicon: Mines only go up to five.
  • Rubicon2: @Demon666: thanks, every time a random number is generated 20 times, so I guess the number of combos are 4 to the power of 20 (4 x 4 .... (20 times)) it's quit a large number :)
  • Demon666: got 8. might have gotten better but it told me I was wrong even though I pressed the right button. I know I wasn't wrong because it was only you third in line lol. anyways good game. just wondering how many combos are there?
  • Rubicon2: @Lcskiller: thanks ! Great score :)
  • Rubicon2: @that guy: I actually had that happen to me as well, it happens either with step 5 - 6 or step 8 - 9. I've tried looking for a cause but with no luck, all the sequences run the exact same. But I noticed if I restart Principia, it works again, so I categorized it under game glitch ;) thanks for reporting
  • Rubicon2: @golden: what's 2 parts here and there between friends :)
  • Lcskiller: 17, incredible!
  • that guy2: Forgot to tell me step 5... left me clueless...
  • Golden: It is 4002 parts
  • JOELwindows7: @Rubicon: thx bro! Lol try to put it to lua will be the same!
  • Rubicon2: @Nighthawk: Thanks :) @JOELwindows7: lol that's quite the description, glad you liked it :)
  • JOELwindows7: No Lua or any refer to moon allowed. = outside programing (physical programming) that sameize with the Lua concept into super duper zuper juber Komplex object that will be insane than typing it on Lua. Wow man, you're very hardcore programmer.
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome!
  • Nighthawk: mm that's truly great man!!
  • Rubicon2: @Leis: Thanks!
  • Leis: Couldn't believe u make this unlua and so so many object..I build 600 and felt like dead , great job :) I score 16 also
  • Rubicon2: @woodnut: That's an impressive score, and thanks :)
  • woodnut2: 16 and a great game Rubicon :)
  • Rubicon2: @Alfajim: Thanks :) yeah the electronics do look over whelming, even though the multi select option is a life saviour, simply having to change the frequency of some receivers, or adding some switchers down the line was plenty of work on its own.
  • Alfajim: Double wow! I just pressed edit to look at the electronics. I managed to accidently move some just looking. It must have been a mare to build, let alone figuring it out. :-0
  • Alfajim: Wow!!! You've been busy. Fantastic job. Well done for persevering with this.
  • Rubicon2: @zardOz: lol @TechZ: yes it was frustrating at times, but I felt a sense if accomplishment when I finally had it figured out and completed. Having said that, I think I'm gonna try to learn some Lua, since I really enjoyed programming in high school :)
  • TechZ2124: Wow ! You really impress me, Rubicon ! It was already hard to do it with LUA, it should be really frustrating with electronics. When I edited the level for the first time I was really stunned : 4000 objects ! I think you have talent for this, Intel should hire you. Lol
  • zardOz2: @Rubicon: on the next version you should... just kidding, this is the type of build that doesnt get updates lol
  • Rubicon2: @anarki2004: @zardOz: I noticed that the sounding notes are more reliable than the flashing pixels, so try to rely on the notes more than the visual confirmation of each press.
  • Rubicon2: @zardOz: Thanks, I nearly gave up on it myself, but every time I resolved a problem I was having, I kept thinking to myself, I put too much effort in this to quit now lol the 4000 + objects felt like 10000, and it seemed to drag on forever :)
  • anarki20043: Pretty good. I made it to around 13 points and the game jipped me. It was having trouble playing 3 consecutive blue notes. It only sounded two of them but the game wanted three.
  • Golden: 4002
  • zardOz2: 4000! Parts that is, Great job! Now you know why I gave up lol.. I moved to fast and it didnt register my first press in the sequence but it looks good, works good and sounds good!

LEVEL ID: 5208