TechZ2124 - Adventure level - from Android
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ZardOz and Demon666 have already created amazing drones so I thought that it was time for me to build mine ;)

Here it is, a smart drone easy to control, on Android and on PC.
Touch an enemy to target him.
Touch anywhere to move the drone at this place.

V1.1 = Add a cam targeter and remove the arrows.
V1.2 = Added a proximity scanner, changed the design, added lasers, increased a bit the stability.
V1.3 = Added turning gun to kill robots on layer 2. Changed the "beep" sound on proximity scanner mode.

Any idea of what I could add to it ?

Enjoy !

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  • Banget: @duncantoal: N
  • duncantoal: e
  • duncantoal: Nic
  • ender099: Wow!
  • kuba: Wow! Great!
  • principia fan: Oh. My. God. This is amazing!!!!!¡!!!
  • TechZ2124: @kej1: Nope,sorry, I don't need help now ;) I have not many ideas but you could try to make a pathfinding drone, that would be awesome. Anyway thanks for your help ;)
  • kej1: @TechZ: Can I help you? Because I want to do anything, but I have no ideas :)
  • TechZ2124: @kej1: Thanks :)
  • TechZ2124: @Rubicon: @Demon666: Thanks guys ;) it was very frustrating to do because find the way to turn the gun without stabilization problems and not so slow was hard. But I'm really happy of how it is now ;)
  • Rubicon2: Great update!
  • kej1: @Demon666: Wow! Very good work!
  • Demon666: the rocket powered gun was a nice idea.... i was sure it would cause stabilization problems but you made it work well lol.
  • TechZ2124: @Demon666: Will be changed in next update to make it slowly, I mean that I will increase the time between each tick to make it less disturbing ;)
  • Demon666: the proximity sensing is nice but that beeping is so annoying lol.
  • TechZ2124: @Wkmz: Thanks :) @Demon666: Yes, my idea was to make a rotating gun without batteries, controlled only by thrusters ;) Rotate the entire drone is easy when you rotate it at 90° or 180° but it is difficult to rotate it at any angle and make it stay floating in the air.
  • Wkmz: Awesomeness in one level :)
  • Demon666: the battery for a rotating gun would make your drone so much larger lol. thats why i made the drone itself rotate lmao
  • TechZ2124: @incrazyboyy: I already had this idea, maybe in the next update :)
  • incrazyboyy: @TechZ: what about a automatic turning gun?
  • TechZ2124: @The_Blacksmith_: Oops sorry you're right. Just changed it ;) Thanks !
  • The_Blacksmith_: Just so you know, when it says enemy killed, enemy is mispelled as ennemy. Awesome drone though! LIKE
  • TechZ2124: @Demon666: I'll be happy to check it out ;)
  • TechZ2124: @incrazyboyy: I already know this bug, I've tried many ways to avoid platforms but could not find a way to do it smoothly, even with maximum stabiliser...Anyway, thanks for the bug report !
  • johncena59rus: @TechZ: thanks
  • JOELwindows7: Seen a bug: No angle tilt optimization!
  • Demon666: it is so much easier to use now that the camera follows it lol. also I have an idea for making the camera smooth follow the target with lua if it works you'll see it lol.
  • incrazyboyy: I've managed to crash it! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cpy6qn7n6hr4i3b/Screenshot_2014-04-27-10-51-13.png
    And I found a bug https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2pcaolhbr10cxd/Screenshot_2014-04-27-10-47-38.png
  • TechZ2124: @johncena59rus: Java is harder than Lua, you can learn the base of Lua if you click on the "I" button that appear after select a LUA BOX.
  • david8: Wow!
  • TechZ2124: @Demon666: I'll try to add query and raycast instead of proximity sensors. I agree that it sometimes get stuck and that's not cool.
  • TechZ2124: @Demon666: I tried to center the camera around the crosshair but it's extremly hard to control the Drone this way, because I am not able to move the cam with a "smooth effect" on LUA. The target programs would not work too.
  • TechZ2124: @Demon666: @Cralant: @JOELwindows7: @woodnut: @Rubicon: @ckswns1217: @RAY5D: Thanks all !!! I made the camera follow automaticly the drone.
  • Demon666: you could also make the camera center itself around the cross-hair that would make it alot easier to fly.
  • RAY5D: awesome!
  • Demon666: might be easier to fly if you add some proximity sensors into it because sometimes it just gets stuck on things lol.
  • ckswns1217: awesome
  • Rubicon2: Flying doesn't come easier than that, great work! Love how easy it is to target an attack as well 'touch of a button'
  • woodnut2: Awesome work , love it.
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome! With CCTV control, Target and fight!
  • Cralant: Loving this TZ.
    @pajlada: Thats eventually the plan for my own version ;) Just need to finalize the collision detector and then a few optimizations.
  • johncena59rus: Афигенно как так , где взять учебник по Lua я знаю язык Java маленько , может это поможет??
  • Demon666: nice i like the cross-hair you made for it lol.
  • TechZ2124: @yo man: @sjoerd1999: Thanks guys ;) it is free to edit so you can use it in your levels ;)
  • sjoerd19992: Awesome!!
  • yo man: This is insane!
  • TechZ2124: @zardOz: Thanks, I just add those arrows to see further but I think I will add the possibility to choose between automatic and manual camera move in the next revision ;)
  • TechZ2124: @pajlada: I agree, that would be awesome. I have to think about it but now I prefer start to build my entry for the contest ;)
  • zardOz2: Cool, flys like a champ and targeting program is cool. The camera not moving in touch target mode seems weird tho why not just cam target the drone?
  • pajlada: Very nice! It would be cool to see a path-finding mode, where the drone would attempt to bypass platforms on its own. See http://principiagame.com/level/5340
  • TechZ2124: Please LIKE and COMMENT !

LEVEL ID: 5429