Terrain Crawler

GH7 - Custom level - from Android
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If it messes up, reload, have fun and feel free to make changes and improvements.

Added RC Activator

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  • GH7: @Ueuo: Forgot to allow derivatives 2 years ago ;)
  • Ueuo: "Feel free to make changes or improvements."
  • GH7: @pajlada: Done :)
  • pajlada: Please add an RC Activator :)
  • GH7: @ShakzDar: Thanks!
  • GH7: @elie_elie5000: Perhaps its some sort of flightless bird. Haha. This robot was actually inspired by Boston dynamics Rhex robot. Check them out on youtube.
  • elie_elie5000: Waths animal ?
  • ShakzDar: Nice!
  • GH7: @sjoerd1999: thanks
  • sjoerd19992: Really cool!!
  • GH7: @FirePhenixFire: Thanks!
  • FirePhenixFire: Lol nice :D

LEVEL ID: 5832