BOB 3.0

Jerm_S - Custom level - from Windows
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, the super scary ooga booga spider robot of doom (that is stuck on a ledge). Haha.

Feel free to do as you wish to BOB. Enjoy

Update is mostly cable management and cosmetic.

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  • liketojump: It's very good
  • Ueuo: Power supply dick.
  • raab137: Just awesomely hilarious
  • Charlest360: LOL EPIC xD
  • that guy2: Now it almost looks like a she-BOB...
  • dddduboty: Best level ever!
  • Charlest360: @Jerm_S: You must be drinking something good while making this...
  • ricardito08: How the heck?!?!
  • Jerm_S: @that guy: Your adjustable sine wave was perfect. Thanks
  • Ronan: @Jerm_S: seems too uncomplicated
  • Jerm_S: @Ronan: timing is in the phase adjustment of the sine wave. On the control board each row control s a pear of legs.
  • Ronan: How so smooth?!
  • Alfajim: This is awesome. :)
  • that guy2: @Jerm_S: I CAN DO ZHAT!!!!!
  • Cubic_212: Use the LUA script (a code for this is available)
  • Jerm_S: @Cubic_212: To add an RC to control it I think I would need make a slider adjust the frequency of a sine wave... I don't know how or if it can be done.
  • roboz: holy crap! that is so cool!!!
  • ricardito08: O_o
  • elie_elie5000: Faillllllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!
  • Cubic_212: Very good ! Can you add a RC mod for control it and an automatic mod just for look his dance ? ( robot dance ! Lol )
  • Leis: Really Awesome :D
  • elie_elie5000: A evil monster !
  • Alfajim: Awesome! Both hilarious and well engineered. :)
  • Demon666: @sdac: awesome..... time to build a true monster...
  • sdac: @Demon666: of course
  • Demon666: @sdac: its ok to make it a boss battle though right? i want to strike fear into anyone that opposes this thing.
  • Demon666: @sdac: thanks so much! I'm really gonna have fun with this one >:]
  • sdac: @Demon666: contest started
  • sdac: @Demon666: as you wish, I'll start it today
  • spyninja242001: Wow lol
  • TechZ2124: Lol ! So goofy but so funny, love it ;)
  • Jerm_S: BOB is an amazing machine... Awsome!
  • Demon666: @sdac: if you decide to make a contest with those rules can you make it a pro contest? so theres time to make something truly amazing.
  • sdac: @Rubicon: great idea, I might make that next week's contest
  • Demon666: @Rubicon: thats a contest i would definitely enter lmao. i have to many ideas for strange machines.
  • Rubicon2: Lol well if there was a contest for weird machines, this would be a definite contender, nice job
  • x32g: Cool!
  • Demon666: lmfao this thing looks so funny i like it tho. nice 6 legged walker too.... i think your the first to make one that moves so well
  • zardOz2: Epic, very cool!
  • sjoerd19992: Omg o.O!! That's so freaking awesome!!
  • JOELwindows7: Aargh! Lol Awesome!
  • jasnsathome: man that is silly in the most awesome way.
  • mrsimb: lol:)
  • sdac: lol nice

LEVEL ID: 5833