Stair Climber

Golden - Custom level - from Android
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Sorry I was fixing my level, so I put it back where its suppose to be, anyway this is my entry for stair climber contest

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  • Golden: @ricardito08: ?
  • ricardito08: @Golden: :)
  • Golden: @ricardito08: yea
  • ricardito08: Mustve been too strong or too many
  • Charlest360: maybe you show him a harlem shake video :P
  • Golden: @pajlada:
  • Golden: And i tried to increase volts and no work, looks like he cant lift his legs :(
  • Golden: I tried to replace rockets with suction cups but bug or something
  • ricardito08: First trophy dude! Nice!
  • Golden: @Tesla: @zardOz: thanks dude
  • Tesla: Congratulation on the silver trophy...this is a cool creation!
  • Golden: Yay
  • zardOz2: Gratz on the crown, sorry its not a gold one... I think you lose points for reusing the same walker style again
  • Golden: I hope i get gold crown
  • Golden: @pajlada: thanks
  • pajlada: @that guy: exactly
    nice level :-)
  • that guy2: He said dont ABUSE the stabilizer, like dont have a bunch of them set to max or dont make it rely completely on the stabilizer.
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome!
  • zardOz2: Climbs like a champ
  • Demon666: the fact that it works upside down it hilarious
  • Demon666: i had been meaning to make one of these lol you beat to it.
  • davetheguy: Awesome!!!! I can't figure out how to make one.

LEVEL ID: 5854